Another Pastor committing adultery

You know… my posting of these sexual sins in Pastors lives is not for the reasons of condemnation or judgment, but to stress the point that something is clearly wrong in the “ways of living” in the Christian men and Pastors. And then to exclude biblical standards for Elders and bring them back into the pulpit as soon as possible really confounds all common sense and blasphemes the Name of Christ. Then we rename adultery, calling it an affair… no wonder nothing powerful is happening in the Christian Church in America… look at these two news headlines of moral failures…

Pastor committing adultery


Mega Church Pastor divorces his wife after committing adultery


So… why do two men who have large churches and some prominence, wife and children, friends and family, risk everything they have become and are and shall be for sex? Proverbs 6:26 tells us men that by means of a harlot, a man is reduced to a crust of bread… we have too many “crusty pastors” in the pulpits in America. Don’t think that these men were weak either… Proverbs 7:26 says, “…she has cast down many wounded, and all who were slain by her were strong men.” It is not that these men weren’t strong preachers and leaders, but they were weak in some areas where the Word of God admonishes to be strong in. Proverbs 6:23-24 tells us two key things; first a strong devotional life in the commandments of God… not just studying to get the next big message, but studying to have the light of God’s Word penetrate our fleshly and carnal desires. Second, Reproofs of instruction. Why was a man of God going into a “gentlemens” club in Paris in the first place? Was he there alone? If he was… why in God’s Name was he? And if he was there with others, where was the reproofs of instruction? Did he have only “yes men” around him who were to afraid of loosing postion and pay to say stop? There is just so many things wrong with the open access and freedom of todays Pastors… we are not corporate business men… we are shepherds of the “Family” of God! When we begin to look at ministry as a business model, then business perks and priviledges are then looked for. But that is not what Jesus died for. I could go on and on concerning the “errors” and “set ups” that these men tripped over before the first fall… God have mercy upon them.

I have finished reading the book, “The Reformed Pastor” by Richard Baxter who was a Puritan. I think every Pastor ought to read this book, to get a fresh perspective upon the call of being a Pastor… let me close this post with a loose quote from the book… “Don’t undo with your lives by what you say with your mouths”… in other words… we preach the Gospel of Christ, Heaven or Hell every week… the saving of souls is our calling… so don’t undo what you preach on Sunday Morning with the way you live your life the rest of the week.


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