The same guy, a different girl… what a tragedy… what a mistake… I beg for God’s mercy and restorative power to come to these girls who have been violated by this perverted man and pastor…

Youth Pastor arressted again for molestation


As a Pastor of a small local church, I have had many become upset with me concerning the standards I insist upon in the congregation I minister to, which are in place for checks and balances. Such as “married” youth directors and never a man privately interacting with a woman, or a woman privately interacting with a man. Since we are a family integrated church, our children are highly involved with their parents and our youth director’s prime focus is the parents and how to serve them. All youth events are “family” orientated, the whole family is invited, no seclusion or “teen only” mentality. Standards are high, visibility is high, no driving alone… and the inconvenient list goes on. Modesty is also enforced, young girls are not allowed to dress inappropriately and young men are to dress appropriately as well. As a matter of fact, this philosophy runs through are whole church… why? Because we live in an over sensualized society, on the street, in the magazines, in our movies and media, everywhere you turn the idolization of the human body is confronting you. Nudity and sexual imagery is prevalent. And the worst of it is society today says that it is all right. Girls are taught that they are to be looked at and so market what you got; boys are taught to look… but the truth is you can only look so much before you want to touch! And that goes for young and old alike.


So men, it is up to us to stop looking, turn your eyes, don’t pay to see sensual images on the movie screen, turn off your TV, and guard your heart and eyes. Pastors, raise the standards no matter how much $$$$ it costs you in people leaving your church. We cannot serve God and mammon, so we must serve Christ by setting the standards high once again. I am not talking about legalism or legislating the attire for church attendance, but what I am saying is when something is inappropriate, address it without hesitancy. What you don’t address, you endorse. Will it make everyone happy, I think not… but we are not called to be men pleasers, but pleasers of God and His ways… Retain Honor!


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