Thank you from my heart for my 50th birthday party!

I just had my 50th birthday, and I desire to express a heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone who made my birthday a very special day.

First my wonderful wife, my children and grandchildren and family; Thank you for everything you did for me to make this birthday feel very special. Thanks to my mom for bringing me into this world 50 years ago.

Secondly, to my great leadership team and congregation. Thank you for participating in my 50th birthday. Thank you Dan Aguirre for the “Danno’s” BBQ; as usual it was great! Thank you Lorena Romero for my cake, it not only was beautiful but also very tasty. Thank you to my pastors and elders for planning everything and pastor Gabe for making the picture presentation of me through the years; it was humbling. And Thank you to my congregation for being there, serving, cleaning and just loving me as your pastor, I have the best congregation a pastor could have, everyone of you!

Lastly, thank you Lord for everyday you give to me to live. Let me live it with the grace you give and always give honor and glory to you!


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